About Caudle Coin

Our recently opened Statesville location offers even more opportunities to expand and organize the unique inventory we offer to our coin collecting community. We are proud to offer the best options for those looking for a clean, safe, and well organized place to buy, sell, or expand their coin collection.

Why Caudle Coin?

We educate collectors. In many cases, folks receive an inherited collection and do not know if it is worth hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. In these cases, dealing with these assets can be an intimidating thought. Caudle Coin exists to educate people and help them in all aspects of coin ownership and trading. We aspire to be a step above your average bullion consultant. As a small business, honesty is our policy. In joining the community we have built here around this passion, you can trust that you are receiving the best possible advice.

Whether you need a valuation of your coin collection for insurance or estate purposes, you are wanting to expand your collection, or you are looking for a place to sell, Caudle Coin is the resource that you need.

Fair Appraisals, Fair Values

My goal in operating Caudle Coin and Currency is not solely profit. While I do try to make a few dollars buying and selling coins, the driving force behind Caudle Coin is to educate as many people as possible on the art of coin collecting.

Our desire is to educate you on the value of your collection and give you a fair appraisal, leaving you informed about the worth of your collection and empowered to take appropriate action.

About Me

My name is Douglas Caudle, and I am the owner of Caudle Coin and Currency. I was born and raised in Iredell county and have been collecting coins since I was 12 years old. That's almost 50 years! With deep roots in the Iredell community, I started Caudle Coin to educate coin collectors in my area on the full range of options that they have available to them, and to bring together a community of people who all have the same interests. The beauty, artistry, and value of every coin that comes through my shop has always interested me. I have an appreciation for the flawless pristine coins, that have been carefully kept and cared for to keep its quality over the years. I also am intrigued by the coins that are very worn, wondering where each coin has traveled and what it has purchased to become as worn as it has.

My Influence

My influence in coins came from John Carson, a downtown Statesville Coin Dealer whose gentle demeanor and patience with a curious 12-year-old sparked a lifelong interest in coins and currency. After a career owning a manufacturing company, I want to continue Mr. Carson’s legacy in educating and assisting others in their collections.

When we opened our doors, I began with nothing but a passion for educating people about the value and worth of coins and bullion. Today, we have built a community around our passion for coin collecting, and we look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Caudle Coin and Currency is a coin dealer and appraisal service based in Statesville, NC. We are focused on educating the community about the value and importance of antique coins. From expert coin appraisals, to coin trading, and even online auctions, we do it all! We like to think of ourselves as a resource for the coin collector's community here in Western North Carolina. Come give us a visit to learn more about our services and ever-changing inventory!

We are located at 125 E Front St. Statesville, NC 28677.

We trade all US Coins and Currency as well as some International Currency! We have inventory of all quality levels, from coins kept for generations in pristine conditions, to worn currency with a story to tell.

At Caudle Coin, we offer a variety of services including a platform to buy, sell, and trade coins. Our periodic online auctions are another great way to learn more about our inventories. We also offer expert and honest coin collection appraisals. 

At Caudle Coin and Currency, we pride ourselves on our honest, small-business and community atmosphere. In many cases, even the thought of appraising or attempting to sell parts of your collection can be a daunting prospect. Coin collectors, no matter their experience, want to work with a dealer they can trust.

This is where Caudle Coin is different; we were built on a passion for education around the coin collecting community and value honesty as one of our guiding principles.

Yes! we buy all types of gold and silver jewelry. Our newly acquired XRF Tester can safely analyze the precious metal content, allowing for a fast and accurate appraisal of your jewelry.

You have several options! Depending on the nature and size of your collection, as well as your wishes for your new collection, we can give you an appraisal so you can make an informed decision. 

From there, you can choose to keep your collection with your newfound knowledge, or you can choose to upgrade and add to it depending on what you already have. If you desire, we can offer you a fair price for your collection, or connect you with one of our online auction opportunities to sell to other members of our community. 

If you want to sell your coin collection, we are happy to offer you an appraisal to determine the best price for you. With this information, you can choose to sell outright, trade in some of your coins for others, or downsize if you do not want to sell your whole collection. We also offer periodic online auction opportunities with our National Group of Online Buyers.