Online Auctions

How Do Online Auctions Work?

If after your appraisal you decide to move forward with selling your collection, an online auction is an excellent way to go about it. Liquidating your collection doesn't have to be difficult- I am a licensed auctioneer (NCAL# 10247) who can give you a simple, turn-key solution.

We can handle it all, from the organization and photography, to the listing and marketing, to the payments and the shipping. We value keeping you as the seller informed, so throughout the process you have the ability to watch the auction live and get real-time updates on how your coins are selling. Afterwards, you will receive payment quickly; only within 7-10 days after the auction closes. Our fee for all of these services is a small percentage of the ultimate selling price of the collection. Unlike attempting to sell your collections yourself, making use of our online auction platform expands your customer base to include local, regional, and national collectors, all of which are part of our community here at Caudle Coin.

No Fees Added

That’s right, Caudle Coin does NOT add on extra fees. Once the commission for the auction is agreed upon, that’s it! All too many providers use added fees as a way to chip away even further at your earnings but here you don’t have to worry about any of the following fees. 

  • NO listing fees
  • NO photography fees
  • NO technology fees
  • NO advertising fees
  • NO online hosting fees
  • We only get paid when YOU get paid!

We have successfully auctioned thousands of coins! Take a look at the performance of our previous auctions to learn more about our process and what this could look like for you.  

Previous Auction Results

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