What Are Your Coins Worth?

Whether you have inherited a coin collection from a relative, obtained it at a yard sale or auction, or simply stumbled upon a coin that looks like it might be limited edition or valuable, it can be hard to know where to turn. Who can you trust to accurately evaluate the value of your coin(s) so that you can understand what to do next?

At Caudle Coin, we are experts in US Currency and are passionate about sharing out knowledge with the coin collecting community. We can analyze the coins you have, photograph and document your collections, and provide you with a comprehensive appraisal that will leave you feeling educated and assured about the true value of your collection.

The Importance of an Accurate Appraisal

The true value of your coin collection has the potential to inform your next moves. Whether it be keeping your collection for future generations, expanding, selling to us, or selling at auction, we can help. We want you to be informed and empowered to make the best decision for you. There are a variety of reasons you might need to have a coin collection appraised, but no matter what your need, come to Caudle Coin for the best expert, reliable advice.

The following are benefits of an accurate coin appraisal:

  • Understanding for insurance purposes
  • Knowledge of the worth of newly acquired collections
  • In order to sell with confidence
  • Understanding for accurate estate planning purposes

Our Unique Appraisal Process

Our unique appraisal process includes elements that will evaluate, organize, identify, valuate, and protect your collection. No matter the size of your collection, we have several levels to meet a variety of needs. 

  • If you just have a handful of coins, just stop by our store any time and we can give you a value quickly.
  • Level 1- We will organize your collection by denomination and variety, place each group in containers with labels, and create a spreadsheet with description and values of each group.
  • Level 2- All of the above services, but we will also place all mid and high value coins in specialized protective containers.
  • Level 3- All of the above services, but we will also photograph each individual mid or high value coin.
A stack of silver us Liberty Coins

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