Fractional Gold

Fractional Gold coins are a unique category of gold bullion.



Fractional Gold coins are a unique category of gold bullion. They are meticulously crafted in smaller, more affordable denominations- often less than a full ounce- so they’re a great entry point to gold ownership if you want to start on a smaller budget. These coins were minted in a variety of sizes, including /10th, 1/4th, or 1/2th ounces, leaving an option for the needs of every investor.

The concept of Fractional Gold emerged as a response to the desire for more flexible and manageable gold investments. Minted with the same quality and purity as full-sized counterparts, these coins break away from the traditional approach, allowing investors to tailor their gold holdings to their specific needs and budget.

Beyond just being an affordable entry into the realm of precious metal ownership, Fractional Gold offers so many benefits to coin collectors. They are designed for accessibility and liquidity, meaning that investors are free to sell just a portion of their holdings at any time without the need to liquidate an entire coin. They’re also a great tool for diversifying investment portfolios. Fractional Gold coins offer exposure to gold’s price movements without a full commitment to a single asset class, so if they are perfect for the collector looking to start a collection with a wide range of materials.